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Solar powered LED Street light with auto intensity control is a new alternative to traditional street lightning system. There are many advantages of this system over traditional street lights. Solar powered street lights are environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy saving. This LED solar street light can last for every long time, solar panels for 20-25 years, LED lights stay for 6-7 years and the life of a battery is up to 15 years.


StHybrid LED street lights are powered by combination of sun and wind. They are fit for places where they are few hours of sun. They come with:

  • 100 W – 250 W LED lamp, cool white / warm white, 10000 lm – 35 lm
  • 200 W – 1000 W vertical wind turbine
  • 2 x (150W – 250 W) Mono Solar panels
  • 10 A to 60 A Charge Controller
  • 4 x (100 Ah – 200 Ah) Gel batteries
  • 7 – 12 Meters Galvanized Pole power coated.
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    Stylish LED street light is design with you in mind because it can be customized according to your requirements. It is can stand the most rush environment on earth and it still be able to present you with quality lighting.