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Ground mounted racks Solar racking is one of the most important cost items in a solar system. Reducing its cost without surrendering quality is critical for continuing efficiency improvements. Solar installers and EPC’s are focused on “installed cost.” Management of Sunworks believes that Rapid Rack can reduce the cost of installation by as much as 10%.
Speed is not the only thing that sets Rapid Rack apart. This solar mounting system is constructed using high-quality, corrosion-resistant materials, and built-in wire management. These qualities enable Rapid Rack to be the most aesthetically pleasing solar mounts, the company reports, as well as the fastest and most durable.


Solar Rack with Tracking

  • On fixed racks – simple, solid and inexpensive. But fixed racks only allow each panel to capture about three-fifths of the available energy! So fixed-rack systems take the most land, labor and equipment – panels, inverters and other components – to meet your energy needs, and thus are the most expensive way to mount solar electric panels.
  • One one-axis tracking systems – tracking the sun east/west through the day but not north/south through the seasons. One-axis tracking systems produce about 20% more energy (in kilowatt-hours) than fixed rack systems.
  • On upright-pole two-axis tracking systems – tracking the sun east/west through the day and north/south through the seasons. They produce about 40% more energy (kWh) than fixed-rack systems (depending on latitude and other factors).
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