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A solar irrigation pump system methods needs to take account of the fact that demand for irrigation system water will vary throughout the year. Peak demand during the irrigation system seasons is often more than twice the average demand. This means that solar pumps for irrigation are under-utilized for most of the year. Attention should be paid to the system of irrigation water distribution and application to the crops. The irrigation pump system should minimize water losses, without imposing significant additional head on the irrigation pumping system and be of low cost.


Solar Irrigation Systems are designed for use in agriculture and support farmers engaged in agriculture, and long-term economic recycling system.
Solar photovoltaic solar panels on the content of irrigation systems, custom pump, control panel and accommodates the connected equipment. Solar pumps are designed to suit the system are designed to provide water supply for a long time. Diesel generators supply electricity to places where troubled by the solar irrigation systems where both clean and more energy efficient solution.