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Did you know that air conditioning and refrigerators are the most energy-consuming appliances in your home? Keeping your home cool and food fresh can consume as much as twenty five percent of your household energy costs each year. So, while air conditioning and a refrigerator might be necessities of modern life, they are also a burden on the environment and your household budget. EcoSolarCool® solar air conditioning, refrigerators and freezers aim to change all of that.
14.5 cu ft. Chest Solar Refrigerator/Freezer ESCFR410N
The 14.5 cu ft (410 liters) solar-powered chest refrigerator/ freezer offers perfect storage for homes, pharmaceutical or farm storage, or as a standalone where space isn’t limited on boats & RVs. This EcoSolarCool solar-powered freezer/ refrigerator features two separate compartments, that can operate at refrigerator and/ or freezer temperatures simultaneously.

To operate, this unit requires a mono/poly solar panel, gel or AGM deep-cycle battery and a solar charge controller. Easy installation by an electrician, or we can provide guided instructions to install.


Large Food storage comes in 20ft and 40 ft containers